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Mr Tomlinson and his team fully appreciate that for many patients in our modern world their focus is not only on resolution of their symptoms but also speed of recovery. Hence the goal of rehabilitation following your treatment is to maximise the benefits of surgery and return you to the level of function you desire, as quickly as possible.


The rehab team consists of specialised, highly trained and experienced professional physiotherapists, occupational therapists and hand therapists. As part of the service (which in many cases will be provided as part of the package of your care) your upper limb range of movement, strength and cause of pain will be assessed. From this a holistic rehabilitation programme tailored to suit you as an individual will be specifically developed.


A wide range of therapy options are available and are often used in combination in your treatment programme. These may include ultrasound, accupuncture and electrotherapy. The therapy team will concentrate on aspects of your day to day life that may aggravate your condition and advise on ways to adapt your activities to reduce stress or strain placed on joints. Your treatment may also include massage for swelling or scar management, and manipulative techniques to improve range of movement and decrease pain.

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